In recent years Peereboom’s activities included the setting up of Shared Services Centers and back offices (in the Netherlands and abroad), helping developing Service Level Agreements, guiding media startups and internet companies, guiding editorial and advertising system selections, complex implementations plus the development of (e)–applications and the accompanying businessmodels. It also involved (ICT–)Supplier-Client mediation, partner mediation in a media company and in advertising agencies and mediation between divisions of large publishing houses in need of cooperation as a function of new group composition.

Thees Peereboom provides Consultancy and Second Opinions in the areas of ICT, the internet and organisation to national and international management of advertising and media companies.

After having worked in various management positions in the advertising and media industry (1979 – 1991) Thees Peereboom started his own consultancy agency in 1991.

Peereboom supports his clients in various areas with the step-by-step implementation of projects in the field of digital publishing. He also helps with shaping the related business models, optimisation of back-offices, in-company support departments and the set-up and structuring of Shared Service Centres.

In addition he provides start-up media-companies with both IT- and business-support. From the very first step in the transition from idea/concept to a running structure.

Based on his rich and multi-faceted experiences he is perfectly suited to supporting complex implementations as an adviser or to helping restart stuck projects. He is valued as the creator of smart and simple solutions for complicated problems.

Peereboom’s clients regularly receive proposals involving ICT, the internet and organisation from both internal departments and external suppliers. Peereboom is regularly engaged to provide Second Opinions on these proposals based on his own experience.

It goes without saying that these advisory activities are based on trust – and many of Thees Peereboom’s clients have worked with him for many years. For them his role is as a valuable and ‘trusted adviser’.

Peereboom Consultants does not publish a client list and does not accept assignments from suppliers such as application– or data-vendors and works preferably in European countries. Thees Peereboom offers his services on a project basis or for a longer term. The basis for cooperation is added value and not the presence of a contract.