In recent years Peereboom’s activities included the setting up of Shared Services Centers and back offices (in the Netherlands and abroad), helping developing Service Level Agreements, guiding media startups and internet companies, guiding editorial and advertising system selections, complex implementations plus the development of (e)–applications and the accompanying businessmodels. It also involved (ICT–)Supplier-Client mediation, partner mediation in a media company and in advertising agencies and mediation between divisions of large publishing houses in need of cooperation as a function of new group composition.

Thees Peereboom provides advice and second opinions on the cutting edge of media and technology, both as a Board- and M & A adviser, to directors and owners of advertising, media and tech organisations, in the Netherlands and abroad.

After a career of varied management positions in the advertising/media and tech industry, he started his independent practice as an adviser in 1991.

A big believer in ‘smart and simple solutions to complex problems’, usually his advice is around realizing existing plans and concepts and then helping clients to bridge the gap between Plan & Project.

As part of his advisory practice, he operates as an M & A advisor, advising on both buying and selling processes – almost exclusively in his own field of work which is at the cutting edge of media and technology. His role as a match- and deal-maker is facilitated by his experience of over 30 years working in and building extensive domestic and international networks in the media and technology sector.

In addition, Peereboom has developed a Second Opinion product based on his own extensive and diverse experiences. In these cases, his clients have received proposals from both external suppliers and their own employees on which they would like to have an independent view from someone who has sufficient relevant experience but who is (and remains) at a distance.

It goes without saying that this type of role is only possible when there is a deep trust and Peereboom has been a trusted advisor for many of his clients for several years.

He offers his advisory services on a project basis or for a longer term. The starting point for cooperation is the added value and not the presence of a contract. A ‘mandatory’ term of cooperation is therefore not part of the agreement, unless at the specific request of the client.

Peereboom Consultants does not publish a client list.