Thees Peereboom provides advice and second opinions to advertising and media organizations.

Skepticism is actually considered to be a form of intelligence. That’s why many people find it good to have doubts from time to time. That’s only being smart, they believe. And it is. But what should one do with justifiable doubts when it comes to making plans or choices, for example? Or when making an acquisition or being acquired? Or when weighing up arguments? Those are only some of the instances when you find yourself needing a confidant. Preferably someone at some distance from the question facing you, who is neither directly nor indirectly involved with your decision, and also has no personal or business reason to sugar coat their advice.

It doesn’t always have to be lonely at the top

An independent observer looks at things differently to someone who is right in the middle. In fact, an ‘outsider’ often sees more than an ‘insider’. That argues for a Second Opinion. Still, asking for a Second Opinion can require as much guts as it does wisdom. Deciding that advice form a third party could be helpful or even necessary is not always easy.

A spectator sees more than a player

Thees Peereboom has been advising clients in the areas of IT, internet and organisation as an independent advisor since 1991. Not bound by any suppliers or providers, he is very much his own man and is specialised in business- and IT-development within media and advertising companies, as well as in various other areas. His extensive experience as an independent advisor guarantees refreshing insights and often, simple solutions for complex problems.

A Second Opinion

His role as advisor is increasingly in the area of offering a Second Opinion. Because in many cases it’s no longer about offering ready-made solutions, rather it’s about working together to find better options or even the correct course of action. Providing a Second Opinion is not a vocation. It’s a purely professional activity, based on experience and knowledge from a chosen specialty.

Curious/Questions/Like to know more?

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